Main Bathrooms

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For families who are always up and about, the main bathroom is the busiest and most used part of the house every day. Thus, it is important that all fittings and other accessories are in great condition to prevent possible delays that could disturb the schedule of the family.

Moreover, bathrooms must not only look good, it must also possess the necessary features for it to be functional. These can be pulled off by having a bathroom renovation. In most homes, there are several bathrooms apart from the main bathroom. If all of these need renovation, a bigger budget and amount of work would be needed.

Before deciding on a bathroom renovation, you might want to consider the following:

  • You must choose quality bathroom materials – the selection process of bathroom materials is also important as the remodelling process. Since the materials you choose will determine how your bathroom will look like in the long run, you must wisely and deliberately choose your supplies and materials.
  • You must layout your plan properly – because a bathroom renovation demands money, time and effort from you, you must make a list of what you want for your bathroom.
  • You must consider accessibility to your bathroom – some homeowners miss out on the importance of accessibility. Improving the accessibility feature of your bathroom will provide more security to it. Accessories such as rails and handle bars are great in preventing accidents in the bathroom.

Here at Hobart Bathroom Renovation Specialists, our team is always ready to hear your design ideas and preferences. Together, we will create the most beautiful bathroom you have dreamed of having.


Single Bathroom Homes

It is important that each bathroom has the necessary features to meet every need of all household members every day, especially for houses with single bathrooms. If your house has a single bathroom, let our professionals at Hobart Bathroom Renovation Specialists help you maximise the available space of your bathroom. Doing so will make your bathroom way more comfortable and convenient for you and your family. Our expert bathroom installers can also install another toilet if needed.

Here are some important things to put in mind before getting your single bathroom renovated:

  • You must set your budget – before beginning on any project, you must set the limits of your spending capacity. In doing so, you need to consider in the design, size, fittings, and the amount of work needed.
  • You must only hire an expert designer – having a budget means that you need to maximise it. So, it is important that your plan is both beautiful and functional. Doing this will ensure that you are able to get your money’s worth.
  • You must properly install the heating and ventilation system – the windows, exhaust fans and heating system play important roles in your bathroom. This could actually damage or lessen the comfort of your bathroom in the long run if you fail to consider them. Thus, it is a safer decision to complete the overall functionality of your bathroom.

When it comes to your single bathroom renovation needs, Hobart Bathroom Renovation Specialists is the name you can trust. Our experts are trained and experienced to do the necessary plumbing, carpentry, tiling, and other installation services to complete the look of your bathroom.


Multiple Bathroom Homes

Most houses have multiple bathrooms especially for those who have big families. If a total renovation is needed, the expenses and inconvenience might be overwhelming for homeowners.

Renovating the main bathroom first is a smart choice as it is the most used area in the house. At Hobart Bathroom Renovation Specialists, we offer tailor-made service packages for commercial and residential clients who need multiple bathroom renovations. To educate you more about multiple bathroom renovations, here are some tips:

  • You must steer clear from big cabinets and bold accessories – always choose sleek and space-saving storage and shelves that can be easily installed on the walls. Doing this will lessen your spending on heavy accessories and other fixtures. Also, your options are flexible to pick out accessories that will match your bathroom’s colour scheme.
  • You must leave the plumbing works to professionals – plumbing is a complex work that needs the skill of an expert. If you opt for DIY plumbing, it can actually cost you more money and effort. Unless you don’t have the skills and enough experience, it is best if you leave the plumbing work to professional plumbers.
  • You must choose the experts – hiring an expert like Hobart Bathroom Renovation Specialists will actually save you on costs. In renovating multiple bathrooms, it is important that your needs are addressed first while still making the most of your budget. It’s a good thing that our services are comprehensive and customised to address your needs and budget.

For all your multiple bathroom renovation needs, only trust Hobart Bathroom Renovation Specialists. Our expert bathroom fitters are more than ready to take on the challenge and make your dream bathroom come to life. Pick up the phone and reach out to them for more details about multiple bathroom renovations.